Referencia: BB CB-CP100

ControlBridge Processor 100

This product is covered by one of more of the following: United States Patent Nos. 7,457,250; 8,155,012; 8,902,760; 8,942,107; and/or 9,049,019.


This product works with:

  • ControlBridge™ Wired Desktop Touch Panels (CB-TOUCH7-T, CB-TOUCH12-T)
  • ControlBridge Wired Desktop Control Panel – 8-Button (CB-KEYPAD-208-T)
  • ControlBridge Wallmount Control Module – 8-Button (CB-KEYPAD-1G-08)
  • ControlBridge IR Emitter (CB-ACC-IR-UNI)
  • ControlBridge Serial I/O Cables (CB-ACC-232DTE-30, CB-ACC-232DCE-30)
  • ControlBridge Power Supplies (CB-PS-12V, CB-PS-24V)
  • ControlBridge Mobile Device License - Single (CB-APP-LIC)
  • ControlBridge Control Processor Mounting Kit, 19" (CB-CP-RMK)
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