Q-SYS Designer v8.1 by QSC

The release of version 8.1 of the Q-SYS Designer software from QSC is already a reality.

The Q-SYS Designer of QSC is one of the most advanced, powerful and easy-to-use DSP software currently available on the market. As the name implies, the program allows the user to create designs for any platform of the Q-SYS ecosystem. The system environment is very intuitive and guarantees to be able to concentrate solely and exclusively on the piece of audio that you want to develop.

This software is applicable to any Q-SYS device, being able to address any project. Has an incredible emulation mode because you can create most of your system without hardware. Its user control interfaces are very important, as they allow you to design custom buttons, import graphics and create user controls for touch screen controllers. In addition, the Q-SYS Designer offers third-party peripheral support, allowing control of external devices through LUA scripts. And most importantly, QSC has just released its new version.

Key features updates about Q-SYS Designer v8.1

Q-SYS NV Series Support

  • NV Series (NV-32) network video endpoint now available as an inventory item for quick integration into your Q-SYS system.

Q-SYS Reflect-ready

  • Stages a number of functionalities for the upcoming release of Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, a cloud-based monitoring and management tool available later in 2019. 

Q-SYS Core Manager updates

  • Open, view and interact with Q-SYS user control interfaces (UCI) in Core Manager.

  • New responsive design web layout for better performance on touch-based devices. 

Q-SYS Control updates

  • CSS-based styling for Q-SYS UCI's: Adds more flexibility for designing and deploying great looking UCI's. Allows users to make global design edits across multiple UCI's, significantly decreasing deployment time. 

  • Named Components now supported in Block Sontroller. 

Networking improvements

  • New PTP configuration settings in Designer Properties assist with complex PTP environments including Q-LAN, AES67 y Dante™.